Sign Writing / Vehicle Wrapping

Our customers regularly ask us, if they can sign write or even fully wrap the vehicle(s) they lease through JKS Fleet. The answer is always, Yes!

JKS Fleet are proud to be able to offer fleet managers across the UK the most innovative, tried and tested fleet branding solution of sign writing and vehicle wrapping, and we can even incorporate it into your finance agreement.


The transport solution of vehicle branding could become your media solution over night!

When you choose JKS Fleet for your sign writing needs, you can rest assured that your fleet vehicle advertising will deliver the right message, to the right audience at exactly the right time. We offer only the highest quality fleet vehicle graphics, so when you choose our team of sign writers you know you’re in safe hands.

Our fleet vehicle sign writing services include;

  • Longer term cost effective brand building campaigns to help you get your brand out there, wherever you are
  • Shorter term post code designed advertising to help you gain more brand awareness in your local area
  • Specialised laminates, decals, colourings, letterings and coatings that are resistant to fuel, weather, graffiti and abrasion ensuring your fleet vehicles look as good as new for longer
  • Custom colour matching to all well known colour reference systems, ensuring every fleet vehicle conveys your brand perfectly

By using our fleet vehicle sign writing service you can build your brand quickly with outdoor advertising, we can turn rigid trailer vehicles into moving billboards for your business.Vauxhall Movano Sign Writing

With other media you have to turn it on, plug it in, log into it or actively listen and in today’s busy world time to do this isn’t always available. Whereas with fleet vehicle sign writing you don’t have to do anything more than keep your fleet on the road to allow your audience to engage with your brand, your message and your company quickly and easily. Using your fleet vehicles as outdoor advertising is often highly effective and can offer massive opportunities.

If you are keen to make the use of the wasted space on the outside of your fleet vehicles with sign writing, why not give JKS Fleet a call on 01223 911 761 or email us at, to see how our sign writing specialists can help your vehicle fleet contribute towards your marketing strategy.

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