Dash Cams – Insurance Approved – Installation

With ‘Crash for Cash’ becoming an all too common phrase among victims of fraudulent motor insurance claims, it is now necessary to protect yourself against such unscrupulous road users with a Dash Cam to capture evidence of their bad driving in the event of an accident or to record who hit your vehicle whilst it was parked up.

Seeing opportunities for revenue, the market is now awash not only with good quality units but also cheap inadequate units which are unreliable and produce poor image quality insufficient for insurers.Dash Camera Supply and Installation

Initially sparked by demand from our customers, JKS has undertaken extensive research into the Dash Cam market and can make recommendations on the right dash-cam set up to meet your needs.

Whether you want a simple forward facing unit or a multi-channel unit, we can not only recommend the right unit but arrange for its set-up and installation.

If you would like to find out more about Dash-Cams and how they can protect you and/or your fleet of vehicles, please contact us

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