Services – Fleet Management, Vehicle Tracking, Remarketing, Customisation and Sign Writing

JKS Fleet offers a broad range of services to our customers in Cambridgeshire and throughout the UK which means we can be your one-stop-shop for all your vehicle and fleet requirements.

Below you can find a summary of the services we offer to our diverse clients, across a broad range of industries, along with further information on these services.

Fleet Management

Regardless of the size of your fleet, JKS offers a complimentary basic fleet management service to our customers.

For our customers with larger fleets who do not have a fleet management department or are looking to out-source their fleet management, JKS can offer a full fleet management service, which enables our customers to focus on the core elements of their business whilst we look after the fleet.

With Corporate Social Responsibility becoming more key to businesses and perhaps more important Corporate Liability, the JKS Fleet Management solution helps to mitigate risk by ensuring your fleet is legal and that you can evidence you have done all possible to protect your employees and 3rd parties when it comes to company vehicles.

When we discuss your vehicle requirements, we will also discuss Fleet Management to determine if our complimentary service meets your requirements or if you require a more comprehensive solution.

Vehicle Tracking

JKS Fleet has partnered directly with ABAX to offer a best of breed Vehicle Tracking Solution which not only enables you to locate your vehicles at any given time but bring around improved efficiency and productivity as well as enabling you to reduce your and their National Insurance liability with a solution which is robust and accepted by HMRC. …more


As an when our customers are looking to dispose of the vehicles they own, rather than hire, JKS Fleet can remarket your vehicle on your behalf to remove the hassle of doing so yourself. Dependant on the vehicle type, we will advise as to the most appropriate outlet and then sell the vehicle for you and revert the funds (less our fee and any finance you require us to settle on your behalf) back to you quickly. …more


JKS Fleet is often asked if their vans can have 3rd party accessories fitted to them. The answer to this is typically yes. We can arrange for the professional installation of any accessory you require on your vehicle(s) including Roof Racks, Glass Frails, Ply Lining, Interior Fit Out, Tow Bars or whole customised sections fitted to chassis beds.

This also applies to cars where appropriate, obviously in a more limited fashion. …more

Sign Writing & Vehicle Wrapping

Another common question is whether or not the vehicles we supply can be branded. The answer is always yes. If you do not have your own sign writers we can work with you and your marketing department to arrange for your vehicle(s) to be professionally sign written.

If you do not have a marketing department to come up with the artwork etc for you, JKS can work with you to do this and come up with a stunning design to meet your requirements and budget. …more

If you would like to find out more about any of the services listed above, or if you have any other requirements, please contact us directly

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